The Terrace

“…a sublime conclusion to the glory of the day…”

“The coming back to the city, by the beach again, at sunset: with the glowing sea on one side, and the darkening mountain, with its smoke and flame, upon the other: is a sublime conclusion to the glory of the day.” (Charles Dickens, 1845)

This is how Charles Dickens, returning to Castellammare from Sorrento, was fascinated by the view before his eyes. The terrace of “Chiaja art&relais” offers a unique and extraordinary view: on the right, the Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius; straight in front of us, the island of Ischia; on the left, the port of Castellammare and the long beach at the foot of Mount Faito, which continues without interruption to the Sorrento Peninsula.

On the terrace there is a living area where guests can have breakfast, as well as a bar, a solarium, and a recreational area.