The Hall

Discovery walks…

Inspired by the creativity and artistry that you can breathe throughout the Campania region, the hall of the “Chiaja art&relais” houses some artworks that have now become integral part of our hospitality project.
The mosaics and paintings displayed along the walls of the hallway are by the local artist Luca de Martino, who reveals the shapes, colors and materials of our territory. The walk through the artworks enriches each of our guests in the knowledge of our places where art and reality meet.

Biography of the Artist

Life and works

Born in Vico Equense in 1971, he lives and works in Castellammare di Stabia. Graduated with honors in Architecture from the University “Federico II” in Naples, he is a self-taught artist who had the chance to spend some time with two internationally renowned masters: Enrico De Cenzo, from Castellammare, and the Spanish artist Pedro Cano.

Luca favours oil paint or enamels and from 2013 he has made paintings and mosaics using the black sand of Vesuvius (upon whose ashes our own city was founded), stones and sea glass collected on the beach.

His artwork has been exhibited numerous times in personal and collective exhibitions not only in Campania but also in Rome, Lecco and Mantua. In 2016 he was one of the main artists exhibiting at the VIII International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Ferrara.

Luca De Martino

Artworks shown at La Chiaja

In my artworks, I use the black sand of Vesuvius taken from the beach of Castellammare because it is the ground upon which our city has prospered for centuries. In the long history of Italy, this sand and also our land (as well as the south of Italy in general) have been continuously humiliated.

To give back some dignity to the sand of Castellammare, sublimating it with art, means giving back dignity also to its hard-working people and providing them with an opportunity to rise up (Minotauro).